Beautiful objects.
Well made.

A design object from Camden+Willows should stimulate our senses: pleasing to touch and observe and made by hand with passion and precision. Each product is a fusion of international creativity and skill. It aims for perfection in the maker´s holy trinity of design, craftsmanship, and material.


Designers from all over the world design the products for Camden+Willows. They create something special, something which you don´t find on every corner. And which until now was hardly available in Europe. Whether at the beginning of their journeys or well-travelled in interior design: these designers create something extraordinary. That is what led them to us. That is the reason we have invited them to become a part of Camden+Willows.


Good design can pass the test of everyday life in all of its dimensions. Good design is only as good as how it was made. How it was sawn, sewn, sintered, or sanded. Our craftsmen and women are among the best in their trades. They are all passionate about their craft and their work. They live nearby and they take great pride in bringing the ideas of our international designers to life. And so, creativity from all over the world comes together at Camden+Willows.
And then to your home.


We want the real thing. And only that. It is important to us what products are made of. The soul of the piece. We work with honest, natural materials. From sources as close to us and as sustainable as possible. By honest we mean: If something looks like wood at Camden+Willows, then it is wood. Good wood. Wood, by the way, is more than a random example. We are particularly drawn to wood.


You are a designer of fine objects for the home and would like to work with us?
You are a craftsman/woman and would like to create beautiful products?
Send us a message via designcraft@camden-willows.com