Who is Peter Nielsen?

Owner, designer-maker, wood lover, Dane, and (almost) Austrian by choice. Peter is all of that. And more. Of course.

Peter and wood

But let´s start with grandpa Eigil. He was the one who introduced Peter to working with wood and showed him what a wonderful material it is – see photo proof below. Peter´s family moved homes a few times and every time, the new home offered plenty of opportunity to get creative with hammer, chisel, and saw. Later, as an industrial engineer, after his MBA and jobs in various industries, Peter again hears the “wood calling”. And he listens. He goes to Camden, Maine, in the US, to develop his skills as a furniture maker.

Peter connects

“It takes a village to raise a child”, so the saying goes. “It takes a world to create the simple beauty of Camden+Willows”, says Peter. The well-travelled cosmopolitan connects his experiences from technology, business and craftsmanship. He connects ideas and knowledge between people and across continents. Friends from school or college, designers, new shooting stars, experienced regional craftsmen. Peter connects his values with his work: integrity, honest work, sustainability and community.


In the year 2020, when a lot of people are forced to spend time at home as a pandemic rages, an idea starts to take shape: design objects, which make our homes and our lives more beautiful, should have a platform. To be appreciated and shared. And so he builds it: Camden+Willows. Camden after the town where he received his training as a craftsman. Willows after…. well, imagine the following: you´re lying on the grass below the branches of a willow, feel the warm rays of the sun, a light brise catches the leaves, your soul is alive. How does that feel? Good, right? Like home. – Therefore: Willows.


You are a designer of fine objects for the home and would like to work with us?
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